Sunflower has been designed to be a neighborhood community of 14 single family homes inspired by the small house movement. These homes are designed to be energy efficient, have minimal environmental impact and yet be beautiful and comfortable. Sunflower has been created to make it possible for working families and people with modest incomes to live in our community. 

The homes at Sunflower are clustered to create ample open space.  While placed to maximize privacy, the clustering also emphasizes community living. This is a walk-in community featuring centralized parking and shared open space with permeable pedestrian pathways. Located just two blocks east of Vashon’s town center off Bank Road, the land is held in a Community Land Trust. 

These 600 sq.ft. houses are great homes for individuals, single and coupled families with young children and even downsizing seniors. Each 1 bedroom/1 bath house has a large front porch, extending the generous open living space and includes a bonus area loft.  The fully equipped kitchen opens to the back yard.  Each house is built so that a second bedroom could be added in the future.

What is a Community Land Trust?

A Community Land Trust means the land trust forever owns the land beneath the homes we build. Plots are leased to the homeowners for 99-year terms. The lease requires that all homes be sold only to income-qualified families at below market prices, according to a formula designed to give a fair but limited equity return to sellers, while keeping the homes perpetually affordable to future generations of low-income buyers. 

Who qualifies to buy these homes?

Qualified buyers of a Sunflower house must have an adjusted gross income that is 80% of median income or less. Eighty percent of median income for King County is $46,100 for a single person, $52,250 for a couple and adjusts upward for each additional family member. 

This also means that if an owner of a Sunflower home sells their home in the future, the buyer(s) must also qualify under these income guidelines.

For more information contact:

Chris Szala
Executive Director, Vashon Household
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