For Those Considering Homesharing

Consider the following before you decide...

♦ What is important to you in a homesharing arrangement?

♦ How do you feel about living with someone?

♦ How will you deal with individual differences?

♦ Are you able to clearly express your needs or do you sometimes have difficulty

speaking up when something is bothering you?

♦ What activities are important to you?

♦ Do you have interests or activities you would like to share with your


♦ Is getting companionship from your homesharer important to you?

♦ Do you have family and other friends that provide you with much of your

companionship needs? If not, are you hoping that a homesharer will be your

primary companion?

♦ (Home providers) What services do you want from a homesharer?

(Home seekers) What services can you offer?

♦ What are your television habits?

♦ What are your music preferences? Do you listen to music often? At what


♦ What are your telephone habits? How will you handle the use of the phone?

Long distance calls?

♦ Do you entertain or have guests in your home? How frequently? What kind of


♦ Do you have overnight guests often?

♦ Do you have a daily routine or schedule?

♦ Do you need private time? How much?

♦ Do you feel comfortable sharing common areas, such as the kitchen, living room and outdoor space?

♦ What about meal preparation - schedules and preparation? Would you want to

eat meals together?

♦ Who will be responsible for what specific household chores?

♦ How much would you ask for rent (or be able to pay)? Is this competitive with

other homesharing opportunities in your area? How will the receipt (or payment) of rent affect any public benefits you may be receiving, i.e. disability benefits, food stamps, fuel assistance? (Check with your case worker or advocate.)

♦ Who will be responsible for financial costs, such as utilities? How will that be


♦ Are the characteristics of the neighborhood and public transportation suitable to your needs?

♦ Will you arrange a trial period before making a permanent commitment? How